Producing Lump Free Tablet Coatings and Granulations

Cellulose ethers, more commonly known as “gums”, are difficult to disperse in aqueous solutions and have the tendency to form lumps or “fisheyes”. Pharmaceutical processors endure excessive mix times, air incorporation and filtering in their efforts to overcome this problem. Very often, color consistency and shelf- life can suffer.


Quadro Ytron® equipment can successfully process a wide range of tablet coating and granulation solutions containing cellulose ethers, pigments, aluminum lakes, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, starches, plasticizers and binders into aqueous, hydro-alcoholic or solvent-based solutions. For batches up to 250 gallon (1000 L), the all stainless, sanitary “Y” Jet Mixer uses a unique rotor/stator mixing technology that eliminates vortexing and minimizes undesirable air entrainment without the use of baffles, resulting in a consistent product throughout. For larger batches, the Quadro Ytron® in-line Powder Disperser is specifically designed to disperse extremely difficult-to-wet powders into a liquid stream in a single-pass WITHOUT “fish-eyes”.


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