Dairy Product Mixing Problems? Not all Mixers/Blenders are Created Equal

Mixing of powders into liquid can pose a challenge in dairy processing, i.e. long batch times, poor mixing/ lumpy product, excessive foaming and cleaning difficulties.


Not all blenders and mixers are created equal. The Quadro Ytron® XC Powder Disperser is designed to incorporate and disperse large quantities of powders into a liquid stream with minimal air entrainment. Processing at ambient temperatures, the XC Disperser’s dual-stage reactor generates a near-perfect vacuum that ensures the intensive wetting of powders while delivering high discharge capacity (up to 40% by weight in a single-pass). Not only does this innovative technology reduce dispersion times by up to 80%, but product characteristics are completely reproducible from batch-to-batch and there is no plugging of screens, typical with in-line blenders.


There are two (2) sanitary-designed models available with 3A, USDA approval, offering liquid throughputs of up to 200 GPM.


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