Quadro Launches an Evolution in Shear Pump Technology

Quadro is proud to introduce the ShearFX Series, an evolution in shear pump technology that extends the strengths of our existing deagglomeration and homogenizing product family into self-pumping applications. To the Food & Beverage, Personal Care, and Household Product industries, Quadro ShearFX is the brand of shear pump that offers more process flexibility with a controllable balance between shear energy and pumping efficiency. With a simple tooling change you can tailor your process from high pumping capacity to higher shear energy. Industries no longer need to struggle with removing lumps from a process cost effectively, when the enhancement in ShearFX technology makes it possible to have high-end smoothing performance without the high-end price tag.


The ShearFX Series features four different models ranging from 10-75Hp depending on desired capacity, up to a maximum of 375gpm. Multiple tooling styles are available allowing a balance between shear energy and pumping efficiency for each process. The design of the pump and tooling offers ease of installation and maintenance while meeting stringent CIP and SIP hygienic standards. All models also comply with 3-A Sanitary Standards.


Various other equipment options are available including a selection of motors, controls, portable bases, etc. For more information, please contact us.


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