In-line Mixers & High Shear Mixing Equipment

Quadro Ytron® ZC Powder Dispersers: Single Pass Dispersion of Difficult to Wet Powders


ZC Disperser

In-line Disperser

Quadro Ytron® HV Emulsifier and Wet Mill: Submicron Homogenizing or High Shear Wet Milling


HV Emulsifier
& Wet Mill

Submicron Emulsifier & Wet Mill

  • Displace piston homogenizer & media mills
  • Submicron emulsions & dispersions
  • Wet milling & micronization
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Quadro Ytron® XC Powder Dispersers: High Concentration Single Pass Dispersion of Powders


XC Disperser

In-line Disperser

  • High capacity in-line powder dispersion
  • High concentrations in a single pass
  • Moderately difficult-to-wet powders
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Quadro Ytron® Z Emulsifier: High Shear In-Line Emulsification and Wet Milling


Z Emulsifier

In-line Emulsifier

  • High shear emulsions & dispersions
  • Control shear level with multi-stage tooling
  • Fine solids dispersions & texture modification
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Quadro Ytron® Jet Mixer (Y-Jet): Low Shear In-Tank Mixing and Solids Suspension


Jet Mixer

In-Tank Mixer

  • Efficient mixing without baffles
  • Solids suspension and dissolving
  • Sub-surface dispersion of powders
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The Quadro Ytron® ShearFX Pump: Self-Pumping Deagglomeration and Product Smoothing


ShearFX Pump

Shear Pump Mixer

  • Self-pumping in-line applications
  • Enhanced deagglomeration & product smoothing
  • Control balance between shear & pumping


Problems with High Shear Performance and Productivity


Faster batch times, higher capacities, predictable/consistent quality, and ease-of-cleaning are just some of the demands that regularly challenge process engineers. However, traditional in-tank fluid mixing continues to impose limitations on productivity, causing bottlenecks that many industries have reluctantly learned to live with or work around, by introducing costly additional processes.


Traditional high shear in-tank dispersion and emulsifying methods are, at best, hit-and-miss. Powders and immiscible liquids introduced into a vessel must find their way to the mixing impeller in order to be effectively sheared and dispersed. In theory, the vortexing created by a conventional agitator draws the ingredients down into the action zone. In reality, only a portion of the material introduced will reach the tooling for effective shear processing resulting in long batch times and inconsistent product.


Quadro Ytron® Single-Pass High Shear Mixers


With Quadro Ytron® inline mixers, dispersers, emulsifiers and wet mills there’s now a proven, viable alternative that removes these obstacles to greater efficiency. These unique inline mixers maximize yield, while creating high quality dispersions and emulsions by applying the required shear energy to all material in a quick, single pass mixing process. A wide range of available tooling for each product allows every high shear mixer to be specifically tailored to a desired shear level and process result.


Quadro Ytron®’s breakthrough in high shear inline mixers ensures consistently good product quality that is not only predictable, repeatable and scalable, but can dramatically reduce batch mixing times and energy consumption.